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Version: 83
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Meso Rate: 2x
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Quest Rate: 6x

Patch Update 1.2 | Posted by Suho on 01.09

Patch Notes 1.2

  • Leprechauns now drop mesos.
  • Nx card drop rate increased.
  • ES scroll drop rate increased.
  • Nexon cash cards can now be picked up and counted towards total Nx.
  • Server host firewall protection upgrade.
  • Channel change crashing fixed.
  • Account creation and voting properly linked with gtop100 pingback.
  • Disconnections from maple administrator fixed.
  • APQ apple drop rate slightly nerfed.
  • APQ scroll drop rate slightly nerfed.
  • Some exploits have been fixed and will now be monitord more.
  • Slight leech nerf has been added for Aoe skills (Geneis/meteor/blizzard) we will monitor this further to see if any changes are needed. (exp share went from 80:20 to 87:13).
  • Nx is added back to votepoints (1Vp = 5k NX).
  • Ap resets/Gachapon tickets have been blocked from the cashop.
  • Ap resets/Gachapon tickets have been added to the general store in freemarket.
  • Ap resets have been made tradeable for now.

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